Let’s get down to business.

Owners & Management

Boyne welcomes outreach from business owners and management teams that are considering a private equity partner or a buyer for their business.

Since its inception, Boyne has worked with several founders, entrepreneurs, and executives looking to sell or acquire a business. The following list describes some of the most common reasons business owners reach out to Boyne.

  • Seeking capital for acquisitions or other growth initiatives
  • Desire liquidity for personal financial planning or asset diversification
  • Exploring the sale of a business either in the short or long-term
  • Need a capital partner to help acquire a platform business

How We Work With You

Boyne is a strong partner for business owners and management teams before and after we make an investment.

  • Candid, respectful discussion about your business and objectives
  • Constructive investment processes – we aim to be part of your solution, not your problems
  • Timely, professional due diligence
  • Flexible investment structures to help achieve your goals
  • Hands-on management support when needed
  • Broad industry relationships to augment your team and/or provide fresh perspective
  • Strong working-relationships with debt-financing providers