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Testimonials and Awards

Certain statements made in embedded video reflect Boyne Capital’s and portfolio company management’s opinions and beliefs regarding the company and the investment. Such opinions and beliefs are subjective, do not represent a complete assessment of the company, the market or Boyne Capital’s overall investment performance and cannot be independently verified. Such statements are being offered as references for purposes of demonstrating the benefits of working with the Boyne Capital team and not for the purpose of soliciting investors. Portfolio company executives receive/received a salary and economics from the portfolio company. No executives were paid for their testimonial or endorsement. There is a conflict of interest in these unpaid testimonials and endorsements in that all speakers stand to benefit from Boyne Capital’s success and they work/worked for a Boyne Capital portfolio company.

Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market– Awarded to leading private equity firms in the middle market as determined by Grady Campbell, a branding and marketing firm specializing in servicing financial sectors. The criteria for the award are management team, market position, track record, growth, cash flow and differentiating culture, product and/or service. Grady Campbell is unaffiliated with Boyne Capital. Boyne Capital did not pay a fee to participate in the award selection process but does pay a fee to use the collateral associated with the award. This rating may not be representative of any one client’s or investor’s experience. Further, this recognition is not to be construed as indicative of Boyne Capital’s future performance. Boyne Capital received this award in 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

List of Founder-Friendly Investors– Published by Inc. business magazine, the list honors private equity and venture capital firms with the best track record of success backing entrepreneurs. To compile the list, Inc. went straight to the source: entrepreneurs who have sold to private equity. Founders filled out a questionnaire about their experiences partnering with private equity firms and shared data on how their portfolio companies have grown during these partnerships. Inc. is unaffiliated with Boyne Capital. Boyne Capital paid a fee to participate in the award selection process and for the collateral in reference to the award. This rating may not be representative of any one client’s or investor’s experience. Further, this recognition is not to be construed as indicative of Boyne Capital’s future performance. Boyne Capital received this award in 2022, 2021 and 2020.

BluWave’s “Top 50 Private Equity Innovator” award is a program designed by BluWave consulting firm to recognize what it considers to be the top 2% of private equity firms for proactive due diligence practices, transformative value creation, embracement of ESG and modern private equity firm operations. Recipients were selected based on consultation with limited partners, investment bankers and others in the private equity industry. The award is based on BluWave’s review of more than 5,000 private equity firms in the U.S. and Canada from which 69 private equity firms were selected as award recipients. BluWave, LP has not received investment capital from and holds no ownership interest in the private equity firms evaluated or recognized under the Top Private Equity Innovator awards program. Boyne did not pay a fee to receive the award but is a client of BluWave. This award is not to be construed as indicative of Boyne’s future performance. Reference to an award is only one piece of information relevant to an evaluation of an investment adviser such as Boyne. BluWave is not affiliated with Boyne. Boyne received this award in 2023.

Ratings/awards/rankings represent information as of a specific date and time and may not reflect important information which has occurred prior to, or subsequent to, the rating/award/ranking.

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