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Consumer Products/Food


Fellsmere, FL

Company Overview:

B&W Quality Growers is the world’s largest grower of distinctive baby leaves®, including green watercress, its exclusive wild red watercress, and wild roquette arugula.  Over 145 years of experience with these highly perishable and valued baby leaves helps ensure unsurpassed quality and consistent supply, delivered with world-class customer services.  B&W grows, packs, ships, and markets its premium quality leaves to retail, wholesale, foodservice, and specialty customer across North America.  B&W baby leaves are available year-round from season farms spanning eight states, are food safety compliant, and naturally packed for maximum freshness.

Investment Status:


Transaction Type:


Transaction Overview:

Boyne Capital acquired B&W to invest in an industry leader with a long track record of growing, packing, shipping, and marketing fresh, high quality baby leaves utilizing sustainable farming operations and state-of-the art processing and packing equipment.  Boyne Capital backed management to buyout family ownership. The management team was a significant investor alongside Boyne. The transaction enabled B&W to continue its legacy of providing excellent niche products and customer service and invest in continual growth and improvement of its products, operations, and customer service.