Tax Code Changes - Are You Ready?

Are You Making the Right Halftime Adjustments?

The tax playing field is changing and the goalposts are moving. What does this mean for you as a business owner? Are you thinking about succession planning or are you contemplating growing your business through an acquisition?

It is halftime in 2021, and the time to execute your game plan is now if you want to win the year. Boyne Capital has experience closing transactions in short timeframes and the ability to put a quality team around you. With committed capital in place and a track record as being founder friendly, Boyne is in the ideal position to provide the blocking and tackling to get you to a year-end result, and help you take chips off the table before the buzzer sounds. Not too long ago, as the clock ran out on 2020, Boyne Capital closed 3 platform transactions from December 24 to December 31. Clutch.

Time to Step Up Your Game.  Are You Ready for the Second Half?

As we roll into the last half of 2021, we’re receiving a lot of inquiries about the possible changes in corporate tax rates and regulations and their implications for middle-market businesses.  If you’re going to have a winning year, it’s critical to have a game plan in place now for the remainder of this tax season.

The good news is we still have six months to go before the whistle sounds on the end of 2021.  There’s much you can do to level the playing field and effectively manage and mitigate the impact of changes to the tax code.  But, every solid defense requires a sound financial strategy.

As we point out in our Entrepreneur’s Took Kit article, “Boyne Capital’s Financial Health Checklist: How Solid Is Your Business?”, getting your business’s financial health in shape is essential if you’re going to be able to react to market and regulatory changes.  Better tax liability management and optimizing reserves entails fundamental strategies such as:

  • Reviewing and strengthening financial accounting reporting
  • Establishing a regular financial audit schedule
  • Tapping the resources of a professional accounting firm
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators
  • Hiring the appropriate financial professionals

Sometimes, however, an aggressive offense is the best way to counter unforeseen challenges.  Having just closed a new fund to assist middle-market businesses, Boyne Capital is ready to put its considerable financial resources and management expertise to work for companies looking to expand their capabilities, market share and business reach.

Our ability to quickly analyze, validate and close deals allows us to put needed capital to work for near-term impact.  With the business climate in flux, having a proven closer like Boyne Capital in your bullpen is just the answer.